Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Panlilio's Electoral Victory ---Year's Most Inspiring Event

When Among Ed took off his robe and ran for governor of Pampanga a considerable number of cynics viewed him as having caught up in the romance of noble deeds and pursuit of unreachable goals.

But scores of thousands who believed in his platform of good governance, civic participation, social innovation, and poverty alleviation followed his cause vigilantly and hundreds more were nudged into the path of loyalty to his crusade. His campaign engendered a lot of support here and abroad even from people who have nothing to do with Pampanga politics.

Among Ed won. He magnanimously humbled the political king and queen of power politics in Pampanga who had all the goons, golds, guns and glitters to buy, terrify, and wheedle the electorate. Succored by an army of moral crusaders, he mightily crushed and brought the gigantic patron/patroness of evil politics down on their knees with a slingshot of prayers. The winning margin was only 1,147 votes – a meager 1,147,000 pesos for vote purchasers who bought votes 1,000 pesos per vote. How amazing.

Admittedly, Among Ed’s electoral vitory is the year’s most inspiring event in the country. A leading newspaper aptly dubbed it a miracle ordained from above. To me, it is God’s mysterious way of manifesting that nothing exceeds the authority that comes from above.


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