Thursday, September 6, 2007

Political Law : Waterloo of Barristers

I have this strange feeling that many barristers will get a failing grade in Political Law.

I hate to say this but the barristers met their Waterloo in Poli. Many barristers were kiled by Poli questions, almost half of which are unfairly, perilously and trickily constructed.

Pondering the questions alone would take a considerable amount of time to pull off a right comprehension.

It is hoped the examiners will employ a holistic approach when they check the answers. They should find merit in the manner the arguments are articulated by the examinees no matter how wrong the answers are.

Every bar exams leaves an indelible lesson. A useful piece of practical wisdom that may be acquired in Poli is that a student of law must study all the provisions of the Constitution with equal importance.

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